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“AppWorld “is the division of IPDNA communications & Services. IPDNA started its business in the year 2011. It operates under three segments mainly B2B, B2C and inside sales. Later, the success of IPDNA leaded to the formulation of “APPWORLD” which was commenced in the year 2015. A team of experts in Retail and Telecom industry and of course Information Technology gave a formation to this website. This website deals with both E-Commerce and Sales and Service Centre.

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These days online shopping is considered to be one of the biggest business way of earning income source as everyone is habituated to shop online, which helps In finding number of designs, offers, customized prices, quality and quantity related to each and every single product. This helps a buyer a lot in one’s hectic busy schedule, easy in purchasing goods that makes in leading easier life than going outside wasting time and struggling hard. For those who always engage in trying branded, updated modern gadgets, “APPWORLD” helps them as it’s tag line is “we are here to help”.

APPWORLD is the authorized reseller of all “APPLE “products. It sells each and every products of APPLE like iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMAC, MacBooks and APPLE Watches and Apple TV,etc. In this corporate world almost 80% of the purchasing is done online. This makes one’s life go easier and mainly it saves time.

E-Commerce: The E-Commerce is the platform where only the electronic goods are sold online. All the electronic goods manufactured by APPLE are sold here. The website is designed to incorporate the business of mobiles, laptops, iPhones, iPads, chargers etc.

AppWorld Service Center

Service Center: Appworld offers an excellent service to any handy electronic device. Even though it sells only APPLE Products, it can do services to any branded device of any company regarding any technical issues or any software issues. The technicians in this company are well experienced and so definitely they provide better services to your devices. APPWORLD offers both services and repairs.

Our Store

As APPWORLD is the authorized reseller of APPLE products, all the products are available at APPWORLD STORE. In this store we can find every outlet either old or latest gadgets of APPLE like MacBook Pro, ipad Pro, APPLE Watch series 2.

 Future Verticles

APPWORLD soon coming up with another two programs


People who go crazy for the electronic gadgets will absolutely find APPWORLD as one of the best place to surf. The employees of APPWORLD willingly strive hard to provide their best either in helping to provide good service or to keep you in reach of the latest gadgets at one place.

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